Directshow expert for enhancement - repost


Job Description

VC++ directshow coder for a simple open source Open Broadcaster Software ( app enhancement.

Todo: We have a hardware compression capture card with directshow filters. the card directly offers a/v data in form of h.264/aac on OUT pin of capture graph. We want you to integrate the capture card output to OBS as its plug-in by integrating filter for the app with the selectable options available on the hardware capture card so that OBS can stream the capture card a/v feed to media server.

Tip: OBS does have loadfilter interface. We will give you access to remote system with the capture card installed and all the sources for your work.

Deliverable: OBS plugin for OBS with source and compiling and running bugfree solution with how to instructions that fixes the interlacing issues.

Extremely simple task for somebody who knows his/ her stuff.

Time: 4 Hrs.

Skills involved: directshow, vc++, filters