The next Netflix/Hulu type business

The next Netflix/Hulu type business


Job Description

What I want to do is to create the next Netflix or Hulu type internet business that streams sports instead of TV shows and movies. Customers who subscribe will be able to stream a number of sporting seasons or games for a monthly fee no matter their location. For example someone who is a fan of English premier league soccer and baseball will be able to stream games of one or more teams seasons depending on the type of subscription they choose. This business will eliminate the need for a cable or satellite bill for people that just want to watch sports. It will also provide a broad range of sports for people that may not live in the same area that their teams are in.

For this project a website will be needed as well as applications for mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Although I have several ideas about how to develop this business I am mainly just trying to find a developer who wants to take control of this project as their own. I lack the funds to pay to develop it myself and would be willing to negotiate to sell the idea for a royalty percentage of the profits. So please only contact me if this is something you would be interested in. Thank you.