Easy data entry job

Easy data entry job


Job Description

Dear contractor:

Our company, working for an important online retaier, is seeking a dynamic and highly motivated contractor with a problem solver mentality who can pursue an easy task: to create hotel posts on a newly created web page, based on the instructions provided.

It's an easy and mechanical process, where the selected contractor is intended to grab information from certain web pages and fill in some fields with that information in order to create a post (NOTE: Further information attached on a ppt presentation.)

The selected contractor will be provided a username and password in order to operate on the mentioned web page. Note that only hotels from provided web pages will be accepted.

We are on a bit of a time crunch to get this list completed, so efficiency and attention to detail is necessary for completion. First turnaround must be ready for the first week after the job is awarded, comprising the first 200 posts created. A bonus will be provided if, after a revision, the posts do not need further corrections.

IMPORTANT: This job is limited to contractors who could develop the project at a cost of 0.15$/entry, or lower (estimating around 800 entries to be made). Proposals exceeding that cost would be rejected.
Bonus will be provided if tasks are performed correctly.