Website with Document management system


Job Description

Document Management System
- Using Office365 Sharepoint
- Password protected login
- Separate web pages for 12 different committees
- Each committee will have a maximum of 7 committee members with unique logins
- Each committee/committee page should have separate folders
- Users should be able to upload documents to the folders and download - documents
- A notification should be emailed to each committee member when a document is uploaded
- Each committee page should have voting functionality for each user to vote on created polls
- Administrative users will create each user, set access levels, and assign to committees
- Administrative users should also be able to create Committe pages with folders for documents
- Email notifications with login instructions and login information should be sent to user emails after they are created in the system
- User information needed to be added in the system for each user: First Name, Last Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Password (Default password that user can change), Committee Assignment
-- Users should be able to edit this information

Public Website
- About Page
- Contact Us page
- Donate page (with Paypal donation link)
- Committees Page
- Login Page (for login to document management system)
- Scholarship Application page
-- Online form
-- Submissions should be populated into a spreadsheet and emailed
-- Each submission will include an uploaded Word doc or PDF file. The file should be included in the email

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