Linux server administration

Linux server administration


Job Description

Long term project for Highly qualified Linux admin with experience in virtualization:
-Server is based in local datacenter
-Linux based system with three virtual machines installed:
a)Windows server 2008 R1: running of shelf application
b)Windows server 2008 R1: ruining custom build application
c)Linux server (centos or redhat): have a VPN

What is your job:
-Server monitoring (not have to be full time), you need to make sure that you will know if its gone down any how.
-bi-weekly data backup
-Weekly server backup.
-trouble shoot any problem if any.
-restore the server and build it if any issues happened within 48 hrs.
-provide monthly status report about the server status, performance and up time.

What is the server status:
-server is very stable so far
-the VPN vert server is causing problems and rebooting every now and then.
-the total number of application hosted on the server is 20, but about 6 will be online same time.
-server is in very good shape with 24GB RAM and quad processor.