Compile Oracle Virtual Box for Windows host


Job Description

We are looking for a developer with experience creating independent executables in Windows (including familiarity with the Microsoft development/build process and tools) who also has expertise with Windows drivers.
The job will be considered completed when you have:
1. Created independent executables that install VirtualBox drivers correctly according to instructions at the bottomw of:
(We're interested in running the intermediate driver installers on our own).
2. Created a process to robustly ensure USB driver prioritization upon connection of new USB device. We need to automate the process of manually selecting a driver location rather than letting Windows decide on the standard location. You could do that by editing the Windows standard location, but we are open to alternative ways of doing this too. Presently when a USB device is connected then Windows will want to identify it and will search for drivers, but we'd like to direct Windows to use the VirtualBox driver even if a driver for that device already exists and is installed (we may need to disable it temporarily). An example of prior success in this is that there are companies who have developed technology to forward arbitrary USB devices over the network, and in working on this you'll have an opportunity to enhance an open source project with greater functionality and stability.
3. Tested your submission on different PCs with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, noting any discrepancies between platforms
(We already have a Windows installer for VirtualBox in which your deliverables will be included.)
If you have the necessary skills, we would love to talk to you and provide you with additional details and answer questions.
Please answer the following questions when you apply:
(1) at what age did you start coding?
(2) how many years experience do you have configuring Windows drivers and building independent executables and projects in Windows
(3) what programming project are you most proud of (provide link)?
Applications without these responses will not be considered.