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Job Description

The project is for my personal business so I expect the highest quality logo that you can design, name of the website will be The project pays $20 total. Please make your submissions by this Friday February 7th to

Myself and my partner answered the questions below (highlighted in red) to give you direction on your design:

Do you have any competitors? How do you differ from them?
Yes, main competitor would be that also sells shawls and other high end products to the mass market. We differ in that we will offer silks not only from Kashmir but also other products like high end rugs, silk/pashmina combination items and hopefully expand our offering one day to textiles, etc. We want to keep our brand broad while our products are focused right now.

What does your company name mean? How was it thought up, come about or what was it derived from?
The company name means a boutique or house of silk based/textile products that promote luxury, high quality and elegance. Quality and style are also key characteristics of our products

What is your brand tagline? Do you want it stated in the logo?
To be determined, but either way I don't think we need it in our logo. Tagline might be something like "Experience Luxury At Affordable Prices, etc etc"..need to confirm with business partner since this may change over time as well.

Do you have any specific imagery or icons you would like to appear in the logo?
No but something utilizing a textile or other element around a chateau (high end home) or silk product (piece of cloth) perhaps. I'll leave this to the artistic ability of the creatives.

Do you have any color preferences, existing brand colors, or colors you do NOT wish to include in your logo?
Sicne our products are VERY colorful, I would prefer the site/logo, etc to depict a minimalist feel so the product can pop out and it can speak for iself. Therefore, I prefer neutral and white based palettes and please stay away from the ultral bold colors unless it has to be used to bring out a
piece of the design.

What adjectives would best describe your logo?
Trustworthy, quality, artistic, bold, feminine

Where will your logo be used? Web, print, other?
Mostly web, but on receipts and invoices and possibly business cards

What's the most important application for your logo?

What overall message do you want your logo to convey to your audience?
That silk chateau is the place to go for luxury products via high service levels and affordable prices

Which logo style were you drawn to when you reviewed the logos I've designed on my site, Click here to see my prior designs?

What is your preferred typography? (heavy, bold, hand written, script, light)
I prefer light but would like to see what bold would look like as well..most of our shoppers will probably be women so appealing to them is key

Gooduck and I look forward to your concepts.

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