Motorcycle Plans

Motorcycle Plans


Job Description

I need a set of plans which are 36 x 72 inches (or if you want to put them on another size let me know what size and why you prefer it), PDF and also in CAD if possible.

These plans will be for a board track racer. It's a vintage racing motorcycle. I need them to have a bill of materials, have perfect measurements, and include mounts for an appropriate engine and gas tank as well as other necessary parts that will complete the motorcycle (if you can only do the frame that might be ok).

In addition I need you to include a separate technical guide which will include what parts are necessary to complete the bike, and where to get them. I will also need you to be available for any questions that may arise from our clients who will be viewing the plans (but if you can only do the frame that might be ok)..

The plans and guide must be easy to read and follow so that a home builder can complete the project. Thank you.


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