(3) Different Coloring Pages for my Physical Product Needed


Job Description

(3) Different Coloring Pages for my Physical Product Needed

I am looking to Pay is ( 5.00 ) per (3) Different Coloring Pages for my Physical Product.
I will supply the Pictures of my products for you to make into a coloring page, Very simply and quick, Must be originally drawn/made for me, NOT copied from another site.
Make sure to put your bid in for the price you are getting paid for (3) different Coloring Pages.

I am looking for the Best person with the Best pricing, and the Quickest Time.

Depending on the Quality of the work will decide on future projects being sent to you, as an ongoing basis.

I will supply Product information and/or link to product that the press release is needed for it. If you need other information it will be available online.

- Needs to Look good
- All content must be Original, and NOT Copied or found anywhere else.
- All Copies will belong to me, and not be allowed to be posted or used anywhere else.

Please include "Lemon Sherbert” at the top of your cover letter.

Thank you kindly for your interest in working with us!