bash script - linux

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Simple bash code to insert the verbose output of lftp into mysql.


lftp -u username,password ftphost << EOF
mirror -Re --use-cache /home/ /backup/
mirror -Re --use-cache /etc/ /backup/
mirror -Re --use-cache /var/www/ /backup/
quit 0

Using shell script to insert data into remote MYSQL database

mysql --host=randomhost --user=randomuser --password=randompass randomdb
insert into table (field1,field2,field3) values('$hash','$file','$size');

Couple of other things;

- script needs to run every X minutes, however, should not run if already running
- perhaps mysql batch insert?
- ideally some knowledge/experience of lftp commands would be very useful

Thank you.

Skills: server-administration, linux