iPad Video Sip Client

iPad Video Sip Client


Job Description

We are looking for someone to help us develop an iPad (for now) app which can connect receive and make video calls to/via Asterisk SIP servers.

The app is to have a simple but effective interface with minimal of buttons, basically to be used as an intercom interface

The APP will
- Mainly receive video calls from other IP devices.
- Call out to a single extension.
- 1/2 way video (mostly inbound to iPad h264)
- Unlock button which can send a sequence of key presses (1-9 #*)
- Basic SIP settings.

We are looking for
- someone to see out the development from start to finnish
- experience with asterisk & similar IP PBX servers
- experience with iPad apps & xCode
- possibility of updates and ongoing maintenance to app
- expansion into other platforms