Witty Writing Assistant wanted... write one-liners

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Looking for 1-3 comedian / witty / funny writers.

You'll be creating short one-liners and short one-paragraph items initially. Later full posts, short articles and emails to be associated with our promotions.

You should be good at creative wordplay.
You should be naturally funny, witty.
You should enjoy fun writing projects.
You should be able to tie in mainstream pop references to a subject.

Basically, if you think your Tweets or Facebook statuses are genius in how entertaining or clever they are, you likely have what we're looking for.

If you get a kick out of commercials like the Old Spice series, you likely have what we're looking for.

You may NOT plagiarize or copy/steal work from others and try to pass it off as your own. If you do quality writing, we'll bring you continued business in-house and new clients. The key thing is to be funny, random, creative and witty. We are currently NOT looking for corporate communications type writing or short story or fictional or sales writing. We're exclusively looking for short, fast paced, punchy, witty writing abilities.

If you have examples, even better. Or as a simple test... pick any topic right now, any activity, any even, any noun or object and write 2-3 silly statements about it.