UI/UX expert needed for social CRM

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

TurnOn Tracker is a social team platform for managing customer relationships. This is a different type of CRM because it actually feels good to use. It facilitates a deeper level of connection between team members and with customers than other CRM systems. We are looking for someone to create a visual design that reflects these characteristics.

We currently have a working prototype with basic functionality. We are working on a major UI/UX overhaul and then a public release.

The new UX has largely been planned out and wireframed. We need someone primarily to come in to create the visual design for the new release, creating and designing a landing page, and a logo.

We also need some minor assistance with the current UX design. It currently looks very similar to elements of Facebook, and we need to make it a little more unique to avoid copyright issues.

We have a style guide that the visual design will be somewhat based off of, but we’d like to deviate slightly.

What we have
* A working prototype of an existing app
* Wireframes for the upcoming UX design
* General style guidelines to use as a starting point for new design

What we need
* Create visual design for entire app
* Design a landing page
* Design a logo
* Some tweaks to the current style guidelines
* Some slight modification to current UX to avoid copyright issues