Network Design - Layers 2&3, Require VLANs, Must be designed for use with CobraNet Audio & Streaming Video (HD Compressed to 128Mb/s


Job Description

Network design will need to have the following:
o Full diversity covering one site with up to 9 locations (minimum of 7),
o Installed across duplicate combine ringed networks each with sub branches:
o 5 locations ringed (Locations 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5),
o Location 1 to have 3 Sub Branches (Locations 6, 7 & 8),
o Location 6 to have 1 Sub Branch (Location 9),
o Preferred brand is HP, prefer to us 1RU mounted equipment due to Equipment Rack Space Considerations, minimum of 24 1G Copper ports to be present at each location, Bill of Materials (BoM) to be supplied from designer.
o All routers/switches will be connected over fibre (will be single mode fibre),
o Two routers/switches at each location (Primary & Secondary),
o All Routers/switches to be dual power feed,
o VLAN use required to separate out CobraNet traffic,
o Priority of Service required for CobraNet VLAN,
o Network to be designed to continue with complete integrity should any leg of the connecting infrastructure or a switch/router fail,
o At Each location, for the Primary & Secondary Networks to be Bridged so to best accommodate equipment that only has a single NIC,
o Designed to work with both IP4 & IP6,
o Will have two Gateway points from the Intranet to the Internet (one for the Primary and another for the Secondary network), need to have the option to use just one of these if the other is unavailable and to load balance when both available,
o Full Monitoring to be configured (details to be supplied to us on changes for doing this to configuration files) for all conditions and status changes within infrastructure (we will supply our own monitoring server),
o Documented and Drawings supplied in either Visio or CAD (all original file to be supplied) and with copies in PDF, no branding to be within any documentation,
o All Copyright on the design to be handed over as part of the project,
o All security settings are to be supplied in configuration files as "Open" with instruction on securing the various Routers,
o User guide on commissioning and testing configured system once installed (to be given to local installer at site)
Understand that end client details will not be supplied (i.e. name of sites/locations).
Information on CobratNet can be found at
All work (including BoM, documentation and network drawings) be completed and delivered within 7 days of commencement of work being approved.

Skills: design, routers, switches, intranet, pdf, video