custumer form process implementation


Job Description


I work for a company in which we're very backward with the workflow and our processes. We do immigration applications for business people. Basically, I have clients who fill a form from the governement. Unfortunatly it's only a dynamic pdf.

Also, they have to fill in a narrative document, in which they explain their business life, they investments they make.

In this last document, if they work from 89 to 1994 at X company, from 1994 to 2001 at Y company, and from 2001 to 2013 they acquired their own company, they will repeat for each period.

then, on our side, we have to collide datas and create an analysis like this one.

I'm trying to find a way that the client could fill the form online, that the data could be send to a pre-formated analytic form (i will show that to you later), from the web page. then that data would be stored in the system also. both from the form declaration and the narrative.

Now what happens is that we have to enter the data into an old access 1997 database (so we retype de data again), and then we have to use that data and enter it into our analysis canevas (so we type it again), and then when we meet the person for the interview we have to write a report, which includes a lot of the data already used (so we type it a third time!).

My goal is to have the data entered only once (by the person opening an account) and then have it being sent to preformated forms on our side so we dont reenter the data ourselves.

So this is a start. I'M knowledgeable about database and stuff. But I want to start changing things in my company. I'm only an employee and my boss is too busy, but I want my things to go faster.

let's start here and see what you think.

Skills: analysis