PR article for newpaper - Make it fun!

PR article for newpaper - Make it fun!


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Fun and somewhat whimsical PR Piece to also promote locally and PRWEB.
Can you give me a price for some ideas below? ROUGH DRAFT
Possible title: Realtors go to the Dogs.
* Melanie Middien, founder of Caring Realty, Inc.
* Caring Realty donates 10% of proceeds to local non-profits, charities and schools to make the world a better place one home at a time.
* Client (17 heirs) wanted their donation to go to the blind on behalf of their beloved Aunt Virginia since their aunt loved dogs.
* Donated $4200 from the sale of the home & another $400 from escrow
* $5000 needed to sponsor a puppy from Guide Dogs from the Blind GDFTB.
* Caring Realty wanted to go beyond giving funds, wanted to raise awareness of the client's charity of choice.
* Sponsored a tent at Howl'oween and things went awry.
Supplies for the tent did not arrive in time and weren't sure the dogs would either. We went into double time. A neighbor friend helped design donation forms and we threw together all the information on GDs we could find. It wasn't until the day before the even we even knew if we had a GD. We purchased treats to give away for a suggested donation of $1. At the event, we noticed we didn't get much takers on the dog treats... then we found out why. The company we purchased the dog treats from was giving samples away for free the next tent over. At that point, we simply realized that all we could do was educate people about the organization, promote GD puppy raising and simply put, beg. Melanie, "I was already dressed like a dog, so I might as well beg like one." It didn't take much begging when you have a great organization to promote like GDFTB... to heck with pride. Then something totally unexpected happened... someone stole all their dog treats... and worse yet, the thieves didn't even have a dog. "If they had a hungry dog, we would have just given them the food for free," said Melanie, "all they would have had to do was ask." For a moment, it took Edita and me a moment to recover, "really, someone stealing from the blind?" While the GDFTB volunteers educated the attendees, Edita and Melanie went into full begging mode. I have to give it to Edita, "She bravely made her way into the crowd screaming, "Help the GDFTB" and got more more donations then I could ever imagine. Buried in the crowd, she got the idea to stand on our booth table, "I am 4 foot nothing and I want people to see the donation box." I quickly helped her back onto solid ground, by explaining with her standing on the table people may throw $1s at her for the wrong reason. Although we pride ourselves at going above and beyond for our clients, we don't want people to go so far as to think we may strip for dogs.

* A quote from Client.
* A quote from Guide Dogs from the Blind. Most importantly a name.

A couple points.
Caring Realty, Inc. founder Melanie Middien listed a home for her client with 17 heirs in West Los Angeles, her client requested that the 10% of the proceeds of their families home go in their dear Aunt Virginia's favorite causes, the blind.

Caring Realty, Inc did not just want to show her support for her client through a donation, she sponsored a GDFTB tent at a local dog lover's event in Long Beach, CA called Howl'oween which is a costume contest for dogs. We weren't even sure we had any GDs coming to the event and called up all to could find any GDs anywhere. We made our own donation flyers and copied anything we could from the internet. Until the day before the event, we weren't even sure were were going to have any dogs. It was just hours before the event that they had one GD lined up, but they really wanted a puppy as Aunt Virginia's funds were going to raise a puppy. And let's face it, a puppy would be a great draw to our tent and perhaps someone to become a puppy raiser.

When Melanie and her associate found out that the treats they were going to give away for a suggested donation were being given away for free by the company that they had purchased them from one tent over, the had only one choice, When you can't beat them, join them. Melanie and her fellow Realtor, Edit Benji not only dressed like dogs, they begged like them." Between the cost of the booth and the stolen dog treats, we lost money that day... but, they hope that the will more than make up for it in donations and perhaps someone else sponsoring a dog. If anything, we hope Aunt Virginia is happily looking down happily at her GD puppy and perhaps having a laugh at two at the Realtors making the best of a dog eat dog world.

Caring Realty, Inc has donated more than $40k to local charities such as Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles as well as computers and $1000s of paper to schools when they have run out only 2 months into the year.
10% of Caring Realty, Inc proceeds go to local non-profits, schools and charities.
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