HTML alignment problem

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

look at page

note the 4 corner shadows framing the slider 900 x 300 display area

this display works correctly in all IE browsers EXCEPT IE8 and Firefox or Chrome

we need HTML command to "force" correct positioning of the corner shadows which are called out correctly in HTML, but do not display correctly

the HTML is;

<DIV ID="idElement5" style="position:absolute; top:100px; left:20px; width:10px; height:10px;"><IMG SRC="left.gif" NAME="idElement5Img" ID="idElement5Img" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=10 BORDER=0></DIV>

<DIV ID="idElement6" style="position:absolute; top:100px; left:930px; width:10px; height:10px;"><IMG SRC="right.gif" NAME="idElement6Img" ID="idElement6Img" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=10 BORDER=0></DIV>

<DIV ID="idElement7" style="position:absolute; top:390px; left:20px; width:10px; height:10px;"><IMG SRC="bot-L.gif" NAME="idElement7Img" ID="idElement7Img" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=10 BORDER=0></DIV>

<DIV ID="idElement8" style="position:absolute; top:390px; left:930px; width:10px; height:10px;"><IMG SRC="bot-R.gif" NAME="idElement8Img" ID="idElement8Img" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=10 BORDER=0></DIV>

can you get this done in 15 minutes ? - if you do not answer this question in your cover letter, you do not deserve a response