*Need a creative legal doc copywriter for writing the website legal docs

*Need a creative legal doc copywriter for writing the website legal docs


Job Description

Hi The job is to write up legal documents for a company website. The company is involved in doing various businesses or providing services online through it's website. A details portfolio is:(web names are sample only)
1. www.site1.com
This buisness provides services like:
a. web desigining, graphic designing, logo designing, domain name sales, brand management, resume service etc.

2. www.site2.com
This business provides a online travel search engines which helps the user to search for best flights, hotels,cruises, car hire and package deals by searching through various affiliate websites.

What is required:
You are required to provide the following:
A master privacy policy document in two versions:
a. condensed - snapshot covering main parts of our privacy policy.
b. detailed- explaining each and every point in detail.

B. Website Terms & Conditions
A detailed document covering all item and aspects of our business and discussing items like privacy policy, disclaimers, etc in it.

C. Website disclaimer
A master disclaimer document that protects all current and future brands of our main business.

D. A copyright notice.

All these documents are very important for our business and need through understanding of related law. All jurisdictions are based in Australia.

You may wish to visit major travel websites and look out for their sample privacy policies and terms and conditions for an idea.

The privacy policy should be in line and adhering to the Privacy Act 1988 of Australia, The spam act 2003


For privacy policy you must cover the following points, visit:
in addition to npp you must also address:;
google Adsense and third party involvement in our business as well.

Don't worry I have all the links where you can find this information, it's just a matter of recreating, shuffling and concentrating the information that's already avialable in the cloud.

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