Research the Provision of Care Home Services

Research the Provision of Care Home Services


Job Description


You'll need to possess some understanding of the Social Care Services provided in England.

We need detailed research done on the cost of provision of Children's Care Home services within the 33 London boroughs and 7 Partner Authorities (Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes, Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead) who use the London Care Services Portal -

Information needed:
- Weekly Cost of Residential Care for Children and Young People which is to include the following items:
- 24 hour supervised care and accommodation including administration costs
- Assessment of Needs (initial and ongoing)
- Clothing, Equipment & Resources
- Leisure Outings & Activities, and Holidays

- Cost of Additional Services:
- Education
- Psychological assessment
- Psychological treatment
- Psychotherapy
- Art/Drama therapy
- Counselling
- Supervised Contact

Other Points:
- The costs should be the AVERAGE of how much EACH council pays contractors for the provision of these services.
- Please note that the figures needed are NOT the total amounts spent by the borough councils
- The costs should cover the last 5 years. i.e 2007 to 2012
- There are some councils who do not commission any services and others who have stopped in the last few years
- The data should ideally be provided in an Excel table in a reasonable format
- Please include detailed invoiced amounts for at least one contractor per council (Contractors name needed where possible).

Please be advised that the budget for this job is an estimate and not a fixed fee.

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