Data Entry and Web Research

Data Entry and Web Research


Job Description

I need people to do some internet research to find websites for a list of American companies. Once you find the website, make sure the phone number provided matches the one on the website. If the phone numbers don’t match, please put the new phone number on the spreadsheet and update the contact information (city, state, zip code, etc). If you make a change to the contact information, write Yes on the column that asks if you made a change. If you do not find a website for a company, you need to move on to the next company and leave the website column blank. You do not need to enter anything if you don't find a website.

The list will contain one thousand companies but no websites. This is a fixed-price job and I'll pay $10 for the whole job. You will receive a $5 bonus if your records are accurate.

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Skills: research