Extract the handleOpenURL logic from an iOS application

Extract the handleOpenURL logic from an iOS application


Job Description

I need to find the custom URL scheme from a number of apps that haven't published their scheme anywhere on the internet. I know this may be next to impossible, but was hoping someone could see this and know how to do this.

In the code of these apps is the handleOpenURL function. I know it is compiled and after it is compiled it is unreadable, but someone might know a work around.

The apps I need to know how to deeplink into via the custom URL is:


When responding, please address the issues in this project description, so that I know you read through this, understand, and can accomplish this task. Please do not respond if you don't think you can do this.

BTW, don't just give me the info from the info.plist -- I need the full logic from these apps. I.e. CBS should look something like this: cbs://SOMETHING_HERE -- the SOMETHING_HERE is what we are looking for. What do we need to pass for the CBS app to load up a particular video.