Just Blended App for Smart phones

Just Blended App for Smart phones


Job Description

Just Blended app -- it’s an app that shows all the nutritional facts about a drink that you blend up. For example, if I went to a smoothie shop and the consumer got a Strawberry Banana smoothie; in this app it must tell me what vitamins and nutrition the consumer got from all these items in my smoothie and how they will affect them. Also it needs to say if from the milk and banana if the vitamins will cancel each other out or not. Also if you are doing a juice fast (kale, orange, cucumber, berries, etc), the consumer will have to know what good nutrition it gave them and what were the positive outcome of the juices. Also I want to add a map, so it can show the consumer where to get a smoothie or juice like that, that the consumer has created. On map it has something for me the admin can add certain vendors too the map. It will be a nutrition guide for that person that wants to loose weight fast and healthy way possible. Its also Helping out the local economy.

This app will have a lot of mathematics and info

I would like to have a trial version and then for a certain amount of money for full version.

Skills: mathematics