Life Coach Needed To Create Content For 30 Day Pre-Diabetes Reversal Program


Job Description

The Life Coaching module for this program is one of three basic components (The other’s being those of Exercise and Nutrition). Not all program goals listed below will apply to this job posting however, since there is overlap between modules you should plan on providing content to meet as many of the program’s goals as possible.

To be considered for this job you must have education in, and have real world experience as, a life coach. All references and work experience will be verified before hire. Further, if you are not a diabetic or if you do not have experience working with diabetics, than you must be willing to familiarize yourself with the daily challenges facing one who has a diabetic condition.
Program Goals
Help the client to achieve a life of greater meaning and purpose than they now know thereby providing the client with greater reasons and justification for making healthier choices in their daily lives
Provide step by step instruction for goal creation in alignment with their meaning and purpose, reverse engineering those goals, creating an action plan to achieve those goals, create a system for celebrating small wins and positive reinforcement of new habits

More basic goals:
Get fasting blood sugar below 100mg/dl
Achieve ideal body weight (in almost all cases this will entail losing weight)
Increased activity level
Lift mood
Motivate client
Create client accountability
For the client to embrace and enjoy:
a) Change and the process of self discovery
More authentic self expression
A lifestyle that naturally promotes longevity, vitality, joy and inner peace
Preparing One’s own food
Becoming more self motivated
Becoming more self confident
Becoming more self empowered
Making healthier choices

Please note:
The ideal candidate will be able to craft a system for self sustained growth. The program content should not be demeaning, have an authoritative tone or create dependency.

Feel free to suggest a combination of forms utilizing: questionnaires, documents, quizzes, video, multi-media, ???
Multi-media and video production if deemed efficacious are outside the scope of this work however you will be required to give sufficient direction and input to produce said pieces.

Whether or not you are selected for this job, you may be interested in providing on going support for:

The user forum
Live Q&A webinars
E-mail Q&A

Ethnicity: 33% African American, 33% Caucasian, 34% Mexican American
Age Range: 40 - 65 yrs
Gender: 50% male/ 50% female
Diagnosis: Recently diagnosed pre-diabetic (meaning their fasting blood glucose level is between: 100 and 125 mg/dl)
Income Level: Low - Middle to Upper
Have Insurance? Yes
Lifestyle: Sedentary
Gym Membership: Unlikely
Knowledge of Nutrition: Limited

Most likely misunderstands healthy living viewing it as: unsatisfying, odd, bland, boring, “not for me”
May inadvertently be using food to cover up uncomfortable feelings and emotions
May not possess a deep sense of self
May lack a conscious awareness of their actions and, on a deeper level their reason for being alive
May lack self responsibility and motivation especially around healthy living
May have challenges with self discipline and accountability
Most likely views undertaking healthy lifestyle changes as a monumental task
May not be familiar with goal setting, time tables and reverse-engineering
May easily become overwhelmed in the face of change
Views their condition (pre-diabetes) as a handicap and something that should be hidden
Most likely has a herd mentality and avoids standing out at all costs even to their own detriment and may even behave this way unknowingly
Considers themselves unworthy
May have some component of mild depressive and/ or anxiety disorder

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Thank you

Skills: coaching, engineering, video, counseling, academic-writing