Building Products CSV using EXCEL/ACCESS & Mozenda - GREAT PAY!!

Building Products CSV using EXCEL/ACCESS & Mozenda - GREAT PAY!!


Job Description

Need to reorganize data (products listing) in csv to upload to a Ecommerce shopping cart - SHOPIFY. The is a limited time project, which means you will have to commit to it 100% and deliver it in 5days of job acceptance. The whole process should be done by application of formulas and application of logic. One supplier has provided data on their website for which we will need to use Mozenda agent to scrape the data and organize it properly.

The detailed brief of various suppliers data is:

Supplier#1(BAC): Products data is very well organized and available in a spreadsheet format, will need to reorganize columns, merge some to create handles, reorganize to segregate the options (size/color etc) and match the final rows with its respective images which have already been named by comparing style# which is common to both sheets. Will prefer to rename images if possible by a formula.

Supplier#2(ENT): This supplier data is found on its website, will need to scrape it and output in a csv, after which same reformatting as #1

Supplier #3(LAV) same as #1
Supplier #4(EEL) same as #1
Supplier #5(XGE) same as #1

Look up
This shows how the products have to be reorganized.

Attached are 'incomplete files' which you can use as refrence. After we discuss, you can either complete them from here or start from scratch (which I believe is easier and more accurate)