Javascript games for kids

Javascript games for kids


Job Description

We are looking for some simple javascript games (4 or 5) for kids that can be used with phonegap.
The games will be "attached" to a mobile Phonegap app with a children's story that riguard a fish in the sea.
Games that we ask not need to be original (the budget is too low). Is it okay to reuse games already published (copyright free of course) by replacing the characters with those of our history.
With suggest to use gameQuery or Create JS framework but we are open to use other frameworks if you already have something done.
The price for this job is to be intended for each game we'll decide to buy, we will open a contract for each game
A demo is required to let us choose the game.
The price could be increased for particularly interesting games.

We need very very simple games like games you can find in a DVD.
This a kid story and we want to put in it some games like "decoration" of the story like in DVD.
Therefore I would like some games for children (3-8 years).
In attach you can fin a plot of the story (translated with google translate for speed)
and a draft of a game that we began to realize (missing graphics and options)

Open Attachment