Send Pepper / Office Autopilot / / SEO / Copywriting / Photo-Editing -- Assistant Needed

Send Pepper / Office Autopilot / / SEO / Copywriting / Photo-Editing -- Assistant Needed


Job Description

I need a virtual assistant to create various Office AutoPilot emails, forms, sequences, order forms and products, all with proper tags and sequences assigned, all on an as needed basis.

You may also need add forms to Wordpress website pages. Must have experience in Wordpress, OfficeAutoPilot, Photo-Editing (& optionally & OptimizePress). SEO & Copywriting skills are also an additional bonus to have.

You need to work quickly, pay attention to the details, and check their work before submitting it as completed.

I'm looking for someone that will review the work, and if a link is broken, text is formatted inconsistently, the copy is weirdly worded, or punctuation is off, they'll take initiatives to fix it without my telling them to.

Position could grow for the right person over time.

In your application, please answer the following in complete sentences.
1. How long you've been working with OfficeAutoPilot?
2. How long have you been working with
3. What do you like most about virtual assisting?
4. If I asked you to do something in Office AutoPilot or LeadPages and didn't provide exact instructions on how to do it, what would you do to figure out how to do the task?
5. If I were very busy and overwhelmed with how much work there was to do, what steps would you take to help me?

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