Cold Caller/Lead Generator

Cold Caller/Lead Generator


Job Description


1) Generate leads of business owners in the health and wellness arena

2) Call and share a little bit about what we offer

3) If the prospect is interested to learn more about what we
offer set an appointment that I can follow up with to close them.

Note- You will get paid hourly, (however, I MUST see results within your first week). All the big sales of people that decide to operate with us will result in bonus to YOU. You will get a bonus for EVERY SALE on top of your hourly rate. You must perform. I may ask you to perform for a couple hours to show me what you can do. I have been able to set appointments within an hour of doing cold calling. So I know it is possible.

Looking for someone long term that can help me build my business. This will develop job security for you and long term business for me. Our goal is to set 3-5 appointments a day. 3-5 appointments will mean we are on the RIGHT TRACK towards success!

Contact me on Skype for details: IssacBenAvram