Service Oriented Website Assistance

Service Oriented Website Assistance


Job Description

What we are looking for:

Our web hosting service provides thousand of templates that can be at your disposal so we don't need it built from scratch:

1. Professional (Service) Website
2. Home page login for clients, associates, guests where we
can choose what each login ID allows access to.
3. If simple payment through website is possible - no in depth e-commerce needed.
4. We MUST have the capability to add, and make changes ourselves upon completion
5. Copyrighted.
6. Payment will issue 7/15/13 from re-launch funding - Milestone Payments may be negotiable. We have a 5 star oDesk rating and verified funding accounts.
7. Deadline 6/25/12
8. Pre-designed templates are available which hopefully will reduce the overall bid on this project.

We are a transcription company and the website is primarily only for informational purposes. You can visit our existing website for information purposes, but the details outlined above are required. We have examples of what we're looking for in terms of format. We have other websites where similar services are required and will likely award those contracts to the successful candidate of this first web site modification. Visit and

We are very web/tech savvy, but simply do not have the time to complete this project with existing deadlines. Please include details on the complete services you are quoting. I.E. SEO, Formats, etc.