offline typing

offline typing


Job Description

Next Thursday I am facilitating a session for around 45 people to discuss healthy eating and physical activity in their local area. The session will be very interactive and engaging and we hope to get lots of ideas from them.

At the end of the session, I will have a whole heap of butchers paper and sticky notes that will need typing up in to a readable state!

The session includes
- A grafitti wall where participants will write barriers to healthy eating etc
- A map where participants will stick notes about existing programs/projects
- A world cafe which will include 7 tables - each with someone taking notes
- Each person identifying their top 3 priorities and writing them on separate bits of paper - these then get sorted in to categories (and will be groups for typing up)
- Brainstorming ideas for how to communicate messages to the community (lists on A3 paper)
- People putting their names next to things they'd like more input in to.

Skills: facilitating, typing