Business Assistant

Business Assistant


Job Description

Will need Excel knowledge, facebook knowledge, yahoo and google knowledge, e-mail response knowledge- web site design (in a user friendly program), microsoft word skills.
Must be able to manage own time and report honestly.
I reward those who work. I start them slowly and ask in detail what I want.
If you are not detail oriented do not apply.
I will only give you one chance. I will give you a task and if you do not understand I will explain it again. If you waste my time and get it wrong you will be immediately removed from the crew.
I hate to be so crude but Odesk has shown to be a failure to me so far because people are not doing what they say they will and they are applying without having the proper skills.

I expect a 24 hour turnaround on all projects unless otherwise stated.

I will pay an average of $4 an hour to start. I will pay by the job so you will have to keep track of how the hours and keep them reasonable. I know how quickly I can do these things and I have many distractions that pull me away from task. I expect you to work twice as quickly as I do.

If you are interested in a long term position please tell me about your favorite job you have ever had and why it was your favorite. I also want to know your honest personal goals.