SMS - Program


Job Description

We Send and receive a lot of SMS each day for our business(more than 1k).
Right now we're using Browser texting application ( -
It's basically let you send/receive texts from your computer using your android phone.
It's limited to 3 computers that can use it at the same time.
It's has a lot of delay issues recently .

It has a few pros: light,works nicely as a browser extension,
But most importantly : It's syncing outgoing messages between all clients.
That feature is the key to this application , since most Protocols xmpp etc' do not sync outgoing messages just incoming messages.

If someone can build me an application that relies on vitelity api (
to send/receive texts - and most importantly sync both incoming/outgoing texts on multiple computers at the same time.

it's kinda like skype - if i'm logged from two different computer under the same user , and one of them is sending a text it will be synced in the other computer.