Explainer Video - Whiteboard marketing animation


Job Description

I am looking for a creative individual that can create an Infographic / whiteboard animation for a new Football Coaching Community Website called CoachZone. The Deadline is in the next 48 hours for this project. Budget has been set at $5 but THIS IS NOT THE BUDGET. You must tell me what it will cost and provide examples of your work..

So the concept:

I know there are some holes in the brief, but I've tried my best to try and encapsulate what the vision is.

CoachZone.. Share, Learn & Participate

CoachZone Football (Soccer) is all about sharing knowledge of The World Game from a Coaching Perspective. It's a community catering for all levels and FREE for all. CoachZone is a powerful and easy-to-use online community for coaches who want to achieve the best for their players and team, and share their/your knowledge with community members.

Share your knowledge, ideas, drills, videos & experiences

Learn from community members. Expand your current knowledge base. Take on new ideas. Listen to others.

Participate in the community, comment on articles/blogs/videos, create a profile, communicate with members. Be seen, Be heard.


X (male or female) is a football coach - perhaps looking for ideas, confused, needs advice, want to share their experience or just wanting to engage with like minded people. They could be a grassroots coach, junior coach, senior coach, semi-professional or professional.

General communication channels are generally bi-directional, but perhaps Y & Z have the same question, or know the answer. Without the power of a community, they don't have the opportunity to help X.

So generally what I'm trying to depict is using the site to become part of a community and Share, Learn & Participate. So the power of many is better than the power of 1.

So X, Y & Z can use the site to read articles, listen to podcasts, comment, share in a group what they are doing, ask a question of the community, answer or give advice, educate themselves...

Users of the site can create groups, join existing groups, friends.. Essential a social network (Facebook, twitter) combined for coaches..

Skills: twitter, facebook, coaching, football, marketing, video