Create a batch file script

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for a developer/sys admin to create a batch file/VBScript with some .sql files (ie using osql.exe) to perform the below:

1. Loop through all MSSQL instances on local machine:
1.1 Check all Databases are setup with Simple Database mode (if not set them to be)
1.2 Shrink all Database data & log files
1.3 Remove all files from MSSQL Backup folder (Get backup folder from MSSQL per instance)
1.4 Run database re-index on each database
1.5 Check all databases are set to be: AutoClose = false, auto-shrink=false
2. Remove Windows update folders & Downloaded cache
3. Empty all Recycle Bin's
4. Empty Windows event logs apart from last 24 hours (Application, Security & System)
5. Remove WEP folders & change WEP reporting to off
6. Remove Temp Internet files for all browsers & users
7. Empty C:\Windows\Temp folder & Users Temp folders
8. Remove all files from Administrators Downloads folder
9. Run Windows Clean Up with certain options
10. Report all above to a log file with: C & D/E sysvol folder/shadow copy sizes & free disk space on all local disks

The above is to be run on Windows 2008 R2 32-bit/64-bit & Windows 2012 terminal servers.

Please only apply if you can perform the above.

Skills: batch-scripting, microsoft-sql-server