Make a small graphic of a Hawaiian Guy

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Job Description

Pahoehoe is a type of Hawaiian lava rock that is smooth and easy to walk on.

'A'A is a type of lava rock formed when a fast moving sheet of lava turned itself
up and mixed with air bubbles forming a sharp pumice-like surface.

Need a graphic of a Hawaiian Guy (ancient, not modern) who is chubby,
wearing a grass skirt, and is stepping on some painful rocks. His caption
reads: "Ah ah!".

It should be a line drawing, submitted in psd or xcf format, with layers.
Something similar to the mascot at Lex Brodies: But, chubbier,
rounder, cuter, and walking toward us, wearing a green grass skirt.

This is for a plumber's website, so if you could incorporate some plumbing
reference, that would be great. Maybe, he's holding a pipe, or pipe-wrench.

It would be great if you could spend 5 minutes drawing a sketch with pencil,
take a pic, and send it with your app. Can anyone make the design for less than
the total budget? I think this would only take a few minutes for a simple line
drawing. Google "BC comics" for another idea of what we're after.

Skills: drawing, design