Website building platform for beginners


Job Description

I would like you to explain in detail what you will use to make the site and each phase also dont send work that does not support what we are looking for you will be deleted and be wasting your time
Building a website is too hard for most small businesses, even if they can use tools like wordpress, wix or weebly. So let's build a platform that is simpler, more intuitive and easier to learn than others. It works the same on mobile as on desktop.

Job description:
I am looking for a web developer who can kickstart this project with me. First to build the proof of concept, than to develop the complete platform.

Web development project type:
New Website

Client side or server side development:

Specific programming languages desired:
not sure

Desired website or component functionality:
drag and drop of elements, resizing, magnetic guides, flipping animation, drop down menus, live updating, autosaving, web-fonts, user-login, dynamic loading, api-integrations, plugins, pinch-to-zoom (mobile), scroll-to-zoom (desktop), dynamic backgrounds, file-management, file-uploading, facebook-integration, picasaweb-integration, twitter-integration, image-resizing,

Additional comments:
I am a graphic designer, i will provide any graphics that you need for this project.

Desired Skills

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails

Skills: graphics