Repair my Wordpress Blog 4 use TinyMCE

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Job Description

Okay Contractors.

It sounds simple, my TinyMCE in Wordpress does not work anymore.
I need someone, which has highest skills in repairing that issue. I even tried another contractor which tried nearly everything, but without luck.

Description: When i want to write a new post or create a new site, i just have some html buttons in my editor. In the upper right corner of the edit window are two buttons: visual & text. Text is for HTML and Visual is the Rich Text Editor(RTF). It always starts with html, when i click on the button [visual] to switch to RTF, nothing happens. Problem is known for many users, but different solutions are provided. I tried all solutions which i could found in forums or in the wp forum itself.

Attention: I wont pay until problem is solved. If solved, there will be a promised bonus fee.

What i've tried (and also the last contractor) so far:
• Replaced wp-admin / wp-includes folder
• replaced tinymce folder seperate
• checked .htaccess
• checked for errors with debugging tools
- Firebug message: Cannot read property 'canvas' of undefined with TinyMCE
• i tried to code another TinyMCE in
• tried another version of Wordpress (original: 3.5.1 - tested with 3.4.x)
• uninstalled all plugins
• deleted all plugins from FTP
• checked with different template
• checked different language
• checked jquery compression
• checked wrong php entries
... and a lot of things more i can't even remember.

I don't want to reinstall this wordpress blog cause it has cost a hell lot of time to adapt everything according to my needs, so i need a stable solution without destroying my blog permanently.

Please write me if you see a realistic chance to solve this problem. I don't need any forum watcher... i need an expert.

Thank you!

Skills: debugging