Game Maker - Senior Developer / Analyst


Job Description

I am looking for a senior level developer that is very familiar the development platform named Game Maker currently supported under the YoYoGames brand.
Our current developer is leaving the company and we require a advanced Game Maker developer to confirm and validate the current source code and assist us with the transition to a new developer.

* This job posting is for a Part Time - Senior Level developer
We also are looking for a full time developer to help us finish the game.
Please let me know if you also want to continue development on the game and help us finish it.

- We have developed a mathematics based game completely in Game Maker 7.0
- The project is 90% done and almost complete
- The current code has some bugs and basic math calculation errors
- Currently the game is only built for the PC (windows) platform

- Minimum 2 years experience with Game Maker
- Experience with Game Maker 7.0
- Knowledge of Game Maker Studio 8.1
- Excellent command of english language
- a plus if you have strong skills in mathematics
- a plus if you have experience with card based games
- a plus if you have compiled/exported GM games to Android platform
- MUST be available all day on these dates to assit with the transition: April 11, 12, 15, 16

- Inital 3-4 days: Immediately do a in-depth analyzation of the code & report back
-> (day1) quick review the structure and organization of the code
-> (day1) confirm all code is present and not missing any resources
-> (day1) compile game for the PC platform & confirm it works
-> (day2) look in-depth to confirm all code is clean and easy to read
-> (day2) review code to see if everything is labeled and commented clearly
-> (day2) begin to understand the functions and elements of the game
-> (day2) quickly scan for anything that looks out of place or odd
-> (day3) take a slow look into the code to understand how everything is organized
-> (day3) look into the core of the code, and ensure that it is clean and properly implemented
-> (day3) slowly review source code for any malicious code or any important problems

Skills: mathematics, english, games, mobile-application-development