3 Virtual Advertising Marketing Assistants Needed for IMMEDIATE HIRE


Job Description

I'm looking for THREE EXTREMELY COMPETENT VA's to help me with online promotions and account management for my established writing services. I am looking to create a small, efficient crew that can promote my services online through VARIOUS resources. You will be paid according to how many sales you bring in for a 7 week trial period. If your work does not satisfy, I will NOT keep you.

I will be providing all the tools necessary to promote, but you are required to actually do the work, of course. This job is to be taken seriously, and only the absolute best candidates will be chosen for hire.

I currently have a lot of clients entering into my database on a daily basis, which does not allow me to personally advertise my own services as often as I should. This is what my VA's will be used for. I have been doing everything on my own and now NEED an EFFICIENT crew with organizational skills to get my business flowing smoothly - immediately! So, here I am looking for candidates to help out with the easy stuff of promotional marketing. Here are the job specifications...

Accepting this temporary job means you MUST:
1. Be willing to work at least 1-3 hours a day online
2. Intelligent, quick to respond, internet savvy
4. Be willing to learn new things and apply immediately
5. Understand that the workload may vary daily
6. Have 24 hour home internet or mobile internet access
7. Have GTalk or Skype for easy communication access
8. Have talented skills in writing// Know how to write in emails professionally
9. Know that I do not tolerate any attitude.
10. --- If you noticed these numbers are not quite right, then you are definitely qualified as detail oriented. Good job.

Moving on... Some job requisites:
A. Know how to get around and promote effectively through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
B. Know how to speak AND write 100% PROPER English grammar (perfect Spanish is also a PLUS!!!)***
C. Organizational skills and communication skills are required for this position
D. Experience with content and creative writing is preferred
E. Business etiquette must be present in your cover letter.

I am a professional and looking to work with a like-minded individual who can work an odd job from home. Drama free work environment. I'm a cool boss as long as you do your work. Reply to this posting with the subject "My VA Application" and your body message including a short cover letter and why you think you are fit for the job. Please attach your resume if you have one.

My name is Emily. Applicants will be selected upon the best personalized responses. Searching for 2-3 virtual assistants, so I'm expecting LOTS of applications. Please submit accordingly.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading.

Skills: marketing, outsourcing, facebook, linkedin, english, leadership, writing, academic-writing, promotions, grammar, pinterest, twitter, management