Experienced Product Designer and 3D Printing


Job Description


I am looking for an expert CAD/Solidworks modeller and product designer who can take my designs and turn them into real manufacturable products.

In essence I need someone who has done this before and knows exactly what is required for industrial quality, ready to be made models. I will provide the design template and modify the product to my liking, then you need to fix it and make it ready for production.

In most cases the designs will be 3 printed, therefore you also need to know everything pertaining to 3D printing (mesh preparation, different material properties to take into account like shrinkage, deformations, etc.)

Example 1: Sunglasses

I have a design to make sunglasses, so first I would ask you to build the base model from some pics I would send you of designs I like. You then send me the model and I modify it and fine tune it. Then I send it back and you fix it so its ready for production without modifying the design.

For this job you would need to know the technical specifications requireed for sunglass manufacturers. Its possible that the body will be 3D printed so you need to know how to build the model so that it could be fitted with the glass afterwards. You would also need to give the exact specifications for the glass to be made.

Example 2: Vintage Watches

In this case I pick a watch like an old vinage rolex. The idea is to create a new band for it and in cases where its possible to replace the whole casing as well (everything except the actual face and machinery of the watch). From the model which I give you, you would need to know and model the exact specifications for it so we can create a new band and/or casing for it, which a watchmaker can then take a replace it.

This would be ongoing work for several months with workload increading depending on your performance.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Skills: autodesk-autocad