Bookkeeper/financial manager needed

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need a bookkeeper to handle and record transactions for my business and me personally.

My company is an S-corporation E-commerce business with one employee. Nearly all transactions are conducted and are available online for easy access.

*Bookkeeping-Maintain Quickbooks files, keep transaction record up-to-date, prepare quarterly statements and reports.
*Payroll/Payroll Taxes- Run payroll for 1 individual once a month using application integrated into bank of America. Ensure all payroll taxes are properly paid and reported.
*401k plan maintenance- transfer funds monthly into 401k plan account and then into an automatic investment fund. Keep a record of all transactions.
*Ensure business credit card bill is paid regularly. Routinely redeem rewards points for statement credit.
*Have books ready and nearly finalized by the end of the calendar year.and ready for submission to tax preparers by January 3rd. Assist tax preparers with any bookkeeping questions

*Scan medical receipts mailed by post and store them on Dropbox.
*Keep a record of charitable donations made
*Remotely deposit checks through smartphone application/computer scanner to ensure enough funds remain in checking to pay upcoming bills
*Ensure credit cards remain paid and redeem credit card rewards regularly.