IT Support / Website Support

IT Support / Website Support


Job Description

An Australian company is looking for a full time support person to work behind the scenes.

You will bring fantastic technical support skills and be keen to build a career with our organization. Reliable and trustworthy are two important factors when applying for this position. This position will allow you to work from the location of your choice.

You will be comfortable in your ability to solve software and some hardware issues over the chat, emails, remote desktop or by phone. Training will be given on our in house developed products for the fashion industry and combined with your experience with Microsoft products.

Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude to your work will help you secure this role. Any knowledge you have in the Retail or Manufacturing Industries will be highly regarded.

The IT Skills you will need to bring to this position are:

3 Years minimum experience in a level 3 support or above


Microsoft SQL
- Create / Update SQL Databases
- Execute SQL Scripts
- Query SQL DB's
- Familiar with SQL Back and restoration procedures

- Setting up users and security
- Application Pool
- Websites
- Virtual Pages
- Configuration Settings
- Adding / attaching SSL to website
- Allocation of IP
- Understanding of IP
- How to Website redirection
- 404 Pages
- Recycle

- Understanding of how a website works
- Basic knowledge of HTML

- Configure SMTP
- Mail Clients

DNS / Nameserver
- Understand Concept of Name Server and DNS
- A Records
- MX Records
- Cname Records
- Creating / Updating / Moving DNS from one provider to another
- Updating NameServers
- WhoIS

- Process for Ordering SSL
- Generation of CLR
- Importing of CLR
- Encryption Level

Windows Server
- User Account Management
- New Relic
- Monitor of sever resources RAM, HD etc
- Understand when to increase / decrease resources
- Setup Virtual Server Windows 2008
-Terminal Services

- FileZilla
- User Accounts
- Knowledge of FTP and how to write simple FTP scripts
- Test client and server for FTP
- Active / Passive mode

Google Analytics
- Analytics Code

Excellent verbal and written English skills

High level of customer service skills

Essential Attributes you will need:
- Brilliant Communication Skills
- Enjoy problem solving and finding solutions
- Willingness and ability to learn
- Ability to adapt to ever changing issues.
- Wonderful time management ability
- A rock under pressure.
- Great sense of humor
- Logging and documentation

It is highly desirable you will have some experience in one of these areas.
* Experience in the Fashion Industry
* Experience in the Retail Industry
* Experience in Manufacturing Industry
* Experience in Website Management

Working Remotely:
You will be supporting our clients remotely. The location you work from is your office. Your office needs to be private, quite, a regular phone, internet (cable / reliable), good hardware and latest software ie Windows 7 onwards.

Office Hours:
You will be required to work during normal Australian Sydney office hours from 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM. Daylight savings is for 6 months, meaning you will have to start an hour earlier from October 2013.

Your remuneration is your Odesk contracted amount. We will pay for any other out of pocket expenses. Bonus may be paid on performance (negotiated at contract).

This position as stated earlier requires a trustworthy person as you will have access to client records. It will be required that upon applying for this role we will require references and establishment of identity. Which means we will require proof of who you are and where you reside. If you are uncomfortable about sharing this information then please do not apply for this position. This is on top of what has been agreed with in Odesk.