Reengineer our Employee Experience


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for someone, preferably with an organizational behavior analysis background, to help us restructure the way our business works in relation to employee requirements and behavior reinforcement.

The main objectives of this project is to re-design how employee policy works to both motivate employees to maintain their passion for the job and feel valued and also to provide more structure to the way our company works concerning employees. Essentially we are looking to develop a sort of business plan just related to employees, as if our employees were our clients.

Contractor Requirements

We have posted many jobs here on Odesk, but none quite like this. We are expecting the candidate to be fluid in their ability to adapt to our changing needs with this open-ended project, yet to also work efficiently and draw the project to organized points. Great communication is a must, so we are asking those without proficient english language skills not to apply. Applicant must also be available for frequent communication with our director (located in the south-western USA). We are looking for someone who can think outside the box and who understands positive reinforcement. Again, someone who understands organizational behavior analysis is preferred.

We will consider a project rate instead of hourly once a candidate is found.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes [ALL of] the following:

1. Your background in business analysis/process engineering
2. Explain if you have any specific experience with organizational behavior analysis
3. Explain what your availability and communication style is like
4. Provide any details about your experience determining how to begin and proceed with a project such as this

[Optional] Please also provide an in-depth example of a similar engagement and the results of that engagement.

About the company

We are a behavior consulting firm working with children with special needs, like autism.