We need experts from design to implimentation to admin


Job Description

We are a growing IT consulting firm growing into the MSP or managed service provider space and we're looking for team members that can help us do that.

As we are in time where it doesn't matter where you are, but what you know and can do I am excited to see what you oDeskers out there will bring to the table.

Below is a preliminary list of the roles we are looking to fill. Initial our first addition will be someone who is experienced in all of these roles and is willing to do some work in the trenches until we grow to add more team members to handle the more basic tasks.

System Architect:
Work with our network archtect to design the infrastructure for our clients environments. We are big fans of Office 365, Windows 2K8 R2\2012, Linux, VOIP, Mikrotik, Cyberoam, Ubuiquiti, Avaya IP Office, some Mac's, and of course all the mobile devices one can think of.

This role will also create implementation plans, design processes and checklists.

In general this role will define how things get done.

Server\Desktop Administrator:
Setup and support all aspects of primarily Windows 2003, 2008 R2 and soon more 2012 servers. We will be expending our Linux use as well along with dedicated servers. As we scale we plan to implement a private cloud system to support our clients as well.

For desktop the goals here are to maintain a full desktop experience for end users, but use imaging, automation and fully leverage group policy and powershell scripting to improve the overall reliability and reduce dramatically the support costs.

Network Admin:
Support our network engineer and coordinate heavily with the Server admin team to ensure things are configured and running properly.

NOC Lead Admin:
This job requires an eagle eye on all of the details and to alert the right team member if an issue is discovered. More importantly the right person will help setup and continuously improve the overall insight we have into possible issues and how to prevent them.

Scripting experience with vb and powershell is critical for this role.

Security Administrator:
Define a full security plan, and work with our team to implement. Monitor all resources from a security perspective.

Tools in place or pending (your input valued):
We are moving heavily to the managed service provider role for our clients. To support that we will be leveraging soon RMM, Remote control, centralized AV and AM, and PSA tools among others. Your feedback on what you like\have used will be useful.

We plan to have the first team member from this posting started within two weeks and possibly sooner, but please note that this entire process will be dynamic and fluid. We will learn a lot from those of you who apply and will adjust as we go.

What we looking for in general:
Great team members come in all shapes, sizes and from almost anywhere. English is a must for all roles. For some roles naturally we will be looking to do 24/7 coverage so will be shifts involved.

It is a huge plus if you have a passion for technology and being part of something were you can learn and grow your skill base.

Initial work will be on-demand, but we expect to scale that to full time as quickly as we can grow our customer base.

Our clients security is a very high priority. Each role will be monitored by the others. References, past customers, ratings on oDesk and other sites and the like will be followed-up on and reviewed.

What's missing:
Well you, your energy and ideas.

Who am I and what do I do:
My name is Rich and my role is to bring the customers, their challenges and revenue to the table. You and the rest of the team will be charged with taking those challenges and profitably keeping problems from happening and for those that do resolving them quickly and efficiently.

Skills: design, linux, voip, mikrotik, english

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