**Marketing and P.R. Needed A.S.A.P. for Growing Entertainment Company**

**Marketing and P.R. Needed A.S.A.P. for Growing Entertainment Company**


Job Description

**Marketing and P.R. Needed A.S.A.P. for Growing Entertainment Company**

Hello! I hope that this day finds you well!

My name is Daniel L Rappaport, and I am the CEO of a fantasy entertainment company called Pazzaria Productions.

I am in the search for an eBook marketing expert, to start in November of 2013.

My flagship product is an eBook called The Legend of the Lost Rose. It's target market age range is about 9-13.

Four Story highlights:

In a time and place apart from our own there is a dying planet governed by the rules of Magick.

A young frog called Spark spends his days creating beautiful paintings in his cozy underground home.

After a while, he can no longer ignore the looming changes coming to his land.

On the way he must find the only Magick in the world that can save the planet...the rare blue Pixie Dust.

Will he find the hidden strength within himself before it's too late?

The Legend of the Lost Rose features exciting full touch screen animations, and links to fun merchandise items that make you a part of the story!

Please check out more details at http://www.pazzaria.com .


I am looking for someone to become a permanent partner with the company, and will continue to grow as we will.

This person will be savvy with the media, able to schedule blog book tours, do social media marketing, have the ability to connect with our high end guests on a world class level, have a working knowledge of public relations, and be able to apply this, as well as anything else pertinent that may come up.

For the right individual, growing a diverse entertainment company is a very exciting proposition.

Is it YOU?!

I have explored many different forms of marketing, and nothing is sticking.

I need a specialist to turn a profit for the company, and FAST, if we are to survive.

We are a very small, but fiercely passionate start up, and require the right person to get us to the next level.

I am able to pay you $100.00 U.S. every two weeks to start. As we make the company grow, so will your salary!

Thank you for your kind understanding. I look forward to speaking with you very, very soon!


Daniel L Rappaport
Pazzaria Productions



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