RFID Prototype

RFID Prototype


Job Description

Overview: Prototype development that involves passive RFID/NFC reading of multiple points (4-6) in close proximity with wireless transmission to a server (laptop) for utilization in a MySQL database leading to multiple URL displays of information.

1. Identify cost effective hardware for multipoint RFID/NFC reading
2. Minimize footprint of hardware (maximize wireless)
3. System should be expandable (additional points)
4. Prototype should be structured in a way that can be easily brought in a room for display/demonstration
5. Anticipate reading at each point would be by proximity card (other functional system would be entertained)
6. Output from readings should be able to provide information on time, location, and identification (proximity card)
7. Output should be easily incorporated into a MySQL database in real-time fashion
8. Database display via URL (i.e. iPad with internet connection) on multiple video display terminals

1. Simple construct with cost effective system
2. Database (already developed) incorporation from laptop with wireless connection preferred for prototype demonstration
3. Quick development