Juniper SRX240 VPN, VLAN, network design

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

As a Juniper expert, you will design the Juniper SRX240 configuration for a hub and spoke setup.

Minimum requirements - 1 hub and 50 spokes

Hub - Two (2) SRX240
Spokes - Two (2) SRX240

- two independent ISP links at each Spoke, one into each SRX
- automatic failover of VPN on ISP failure
- active/passive VPN is fine as the links are asymmetric
- Client VPN connection will also be required. Meaning using a laptop to connect to the VPN, ideally both to a spoke or to the hub.

- SRX240's act as "router on a stick" VLAN trunk from router to switch
- 10 VLANS at each location
- Some filter rules will exist between VLANs, you can provide small example, I can add the others

Centralized Internet
- Most spoke internet traffic should go through VPN to the hub and then the hub will filter traffic centrally and send out from hub internet link.
- Some Internet traffic will be sent directly out the local Internet link. Please provide a sample showing going directly out the Internet and the rest through the VPN. Must also work after failover.

Project deliverable
- Detailed SRX240 configuration - Hub and Spoke
- Visio of network design