Outbound sales – Translation services

Outbound sales – Translation services


Job Description

We are an online translation agency looking to hire telemarketers who would be engaged in selling translation and translation-related services in Europe, mainly the UK. Speakers of other European languages who are fluent in verbal and written English are also welcome to apply (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, etc.). You will be provided with a list of leads, company information and telephone numbers.

Initially there is a one month trial period during which you earn a commission for each sale you close, plus a commission for every order the same client places with us in the next 1 year. We also pay bonuses according to your monthly performance. After one month you can switch to an hourly contract, if you like, or negotiate your contract. We offer flexible working hours and excellent remuneration, with very high earning potential depending on your skills.

Our requirements are as follows:

- Excellent English skills with UK/US or neutral European accent;
- Experience in speaking to senior management;
- Strong sales experience;
- Client acquisition and relationship experience;
- Be able to conduct VOIP or Skype calls, if needed, and record your conversations with the prospective clients (these are to be sent to us at the end of each working day);
- Be able to create your own script for the calls. We will only provide you with a summary of the script which you would need to adjust according to your own approaches.


Please provide the following information:

1. Describe your experience in outbound sales;
2. Provide at least one case study of how you convince a potential client to buy a certain service;
3. Clarify your location, availability and technical equipment (VOIP, Skype account, if needed, recording equipment).

We look forward to hearing from you!