iphone app - Trivia game required

iphone app - Trivia game required


Job Description


I am looking for a talented ios developer to create a trivia app quickly. The

developer must have a proven track record of producing high level polished apps

and a portfolio to back it up.

The concept is very straight forward, it is just a multiple choice trivia game

however the user will also have the option to post their results on facebook and

twitter. So it is important that the developer has sound knowledge of social

network integration.

How the app will work;

- Once the game begins the user will be presented with a question and 4 possible

answers (1 correct, 3 incorrect), the user will have 15 seconds per question.

(Qusetions will be provided)

- There will also be a multi-player mode for 2-4 players (all players will play on

the same device). The user will have the option to post the results of the

multiplayer game to facebook (a graphic stating that Joey has just defeated Timmy

for example).

- There will also be a scoreboard of the top 5 or 10 scores (this can also be

posted on facebook)

_ Also there will be an in-app purchase available to the user to update the


What you need to do next is;

- Reply to this post with examples of previous relevant work and links to your

apps in the itunes store and an estimated time for completion

- I am looking for someone with a proven track record who takes pride in their work

- This game will be the first of a series so if repeat business in a definite possibility

Further details will be provided to the selected designer. To confirm that you

have read all this information please begin your reply with the word Mango.

Also I would prefer if the designer is available on skype to chat about the




Skills: iphone-development