If you enjoy #Nightlife & #Startups this might be for you!

If you enjoy #Nightlife & #Startups this might be for you!


Job Description


Hello oDesk World!

We are a couple of young (mid 20's) guys living in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Currently we are in the process of starting a mobile app/business focused on an untapped niche in the nightlife industry. [EXCITING!] We have corporate work experience under our belts (3+ years) within the tech industry and in addition I was involved in a startup within the fitness industry that was launched a few years back.

I'm reaching out to the oDesk community to find a dedicated, young, passionate developer, UI designer, and graphics designer. Essentially we are looking for those who are experts in their own domain but who also have an interest in nightlife and coding!

Now this is a real business. We have real resources ready to back up the idea once we have it proved in the San Francisco market. In other words we have angel investors ready to back this idea up if we do it right. In order to do it right we need the right team. Therefore, we are not looking to pay someone at an hourly rate but rather compensate them by including them as part of the team with some type of equity. Once you hear the idea and the potential market we can tap into but moreover how this is a game-changer we have no doubt that passion to pursue is greater than an hourly rate for a job.

This is a business not just a job so those who respond please keep that in mind.

Currently we have the following areas covered:

1. Product Manager
2. Business Development
3. Online SEO/SEM Marketing Manager
4. Account Executive (San Francisco)

We are looking for:

1. back-end developer
2. iOS Developer
3. UI Expert (front end)
4. Graphics designer

More details around the above positions can be given by our product manager.

Overall, we are looking for someone who has a passion for nightlife and start ups. We are looking to grow and build our team and to hire to help us take the solution to market and tap into the resources we have in order to scale this business.

Look forward to hearing from you!