Filipino Art Manager / Virtual Assistant

Filipino Art Manager / Virtual Assistant


Job Description

1. EXCEPTIONAL APP DESIGN, UI & Photoshop Skills
This role requires an exceptional level of design understanding. The candidate needs to be highly experienced in App icons, UI and all aspects of app design, which includes being up to date on the latest software and design trends. Please check out
@applauseapps on Instagram for a look at our style. Empahsis on youth, high quality design, latest trends.

The candidate will have experience in leading a team and directing the creative process, whilst adhering to strict art submission deadlines. They will be responsible for prioritizing projects and keeping the entire art department on track.

3. Bug Testing
As part of this role the candidate will work with the PM during the bug testing phase when the apps have come through the development cycle. At this stage they will do the initial testing of the app for errors and determine if the graphics have been coded correctly for each device size and create screenshots and example images of the apps in action to be used in metadata and marketing. They will pass the bug testing and marketing materials on to the PM who will pass development revisions to the developers.

4. Admin Skills
Our VA needs to be familiar with excel and word and follow the tasks our project manager hands over. Please see skills needed:
• Internet research
• Document management
• Desktop publishing
• Project and team support

5. Fluent in English
Our VA has to have perfect written and verbal English skills, i.e. our VA has to be able write app descriptions in tunes connect, communicate mostly with American users on instagram and update all info in English on our website or Facebook when needed. Experience with social media is an advantage.

6. Willing to learn, flexible and familiar with trends
Our VA has to understand what our instagram users are up to, what images they post and spot trends for future apps.

7. Our VA has to have iPhone
To be able to use voxer and test and download apps. Minimum device requirements include access to iPhone 3.5” screen, 4” screen and ipad

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